What You Get

Besides a luxurious box of goodies that we gift to participants, we provide:

  • Coaching

    (3) Virtual coaching sessions per week for 4 weeks total. We plan the book and author brands, the book's content, the end goal for the project, and best strategies to attain the goal. We cover tips for the writing, editing, and graphic design processes. We discuss marketing protocol, best practices, and strategies. We cover the publishing and launch processes (and so much more!)

  • Co-Working

    During the 3 weekly coaching sessions, participants have exclusive access to our virtual co-working lounge. The purpose of this feature is to encourage implementation of strategies learned during the coaching sessions. Our goal is to not put tasks off, but to knock them out in order to best position ourselves for quick wins.

  • Action + Accountability

    This program is not for the faint at heart, as we take swift, aggressive, intentional action in tackling the self-publishing journey at an accelerated pace. Participants receive coaching, guidance, prompts, and access to a guide for recommended tools and resources to aide them in completing this process.

Bundle includes access to

the cohorts below. For extensive details, please click on them to learn more!