Here's What You Get

  • (1) 2-Hour Session Weekly for a Total of (6) Weeks.

  • Access to Our Caring, Encouraging, Friendly Community of Like-Minded New and Aspiring Podcasters

  • Accountability

  • Virtual Work Sessions So That We Get This Thing Done Together!

  • Access to the FULL Online Course for the Duration of Your (6) Week Cohort Experience

  • Complimentary Membership to Our Synergy by Organized Energy Podcasting Professionals Networking Lounge (2-Month Access Upon Completion of Cohort).

  • Virtual Access to Author, Publisher, and Podcast Hostess- Tiffany Williams for These Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Created with Amateurs to the Mic In Mind!

Don’t know where to begin – no problem! If you’re shy – no problem! Not techy – no problem! We’ve got you covered! Click here to get this party started!

Learn how to plan, launch, and scale your podcast

with our amazing line-up of tools and resources!

  • Our launch guide is a super simple system designed to give step-by-step tips to take you from none to done for your show in little to no time!

  • This program not only introduces you to how to kickstart your podcast, it teaches you strategies and practical, easy to implement principles that you can apply in order to plan, launch, and MARKET your BUSINESS/BRAND!

  • Info is short, sweet, easy to digest and implement...

  • Yes, it's true... Anyone can LAUNCH a podcast. Yet the truth of the matter is that it takes a certain level of strategy, forward-thinking, and brand development insight in order to not only LAUNCH a podcast, but to operate it efficiently and have it run smoothly like a well-oiled machine. Use these tools to learn how to network, market tips, and more!

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Meet Your Instructor!

Tiffany Williams

Your Podcasting Bestie and the Hostess with the Mostess of the Life: Unscripted Podcast by Organized Energy

What An Incredible Deal!

Our Program Includes These AMAZING Features:

  • Super Simple Information

  • Action Items to Help Motivate You to GET MOVING!

  • Accountability Prompts

  • Supportive Community of Like-Minded Professionals

  • Encouragement to Leave Your Comfort Zone and Enjoy Fun, Excitement, + Personal Development!

  • Instruction on how to plan, launch, and scale your podcast with excellence and as a professional, smooth-operating brand that you can be proud of.

  • Instruction on how to build your community, grow your platform, and monetize your content in numerous ways

  • A combination of podcasting 101 and business development 101, designed to help your brand have a solid foundation and a highly strategic plan in order to stand out from the rest!


  • I wouldn't know where to begin in planning, launching, or operating a podcast

    Don't worry about that at all! You are in great hands with me! As a podcaster myself and a small business coach, I have you covered with all that you need to know in order to get that podcast planned and launched! I have systems in place and tips ready to go that can help you achieve the end-goal: launching that show!