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You have something unique,

something special, something worthy of a platform.

 There is a community of people who would laugh, who would smile, who would be enlightened, who would be inspired, who’s day would be made if they could read that "something special" that only you can deliver!

The World Needs to Hear From You!

There is someone who needs your encouragement, your wisdom, your help.

Who We Are

Amora Moone Publishing is an imprint of the amazing Organized Energy Coaching + Consulting family of brands.

Amor meaning love and the beautiful moon being a source of light in darkness, we strive to help our peeps spread their messages of hope, of love and light through their own books and podcasts. 

What We Offer + Why

As a Boutique Book Publishing Agency for New + Aspiring Indie Authors

  • We specialize in

    helping AMAZING people like YOU tell their incredible stories, share their expertise, and build their brands through launching their own podcasts and writing their own books.

  • Everyone has a story.

    Everyone has been gifted with a special passion and purpose. With that comes a charge to positively impact the world around them.

  • Our special sauce

    is in the strategy, the hand-holding, the encouragement for action and accountability that we provide throughout the process. Podcasts and books should be treated as though they are brands. A proper, well-planned and well-played business strategy is essential to their success.

A Few Deets

  • Your book is a business in itself! It's going to require strategy in knowing how to plan, write, publish, print, launch, and market your book. Who better to help you than a long-time fellow entrepreneur and business strategist who has already been there and done that?

  • This programming was designed BY a Self-Published Indie Author FOR aspiring Self-Published Indie Authors!

  • We work in virtual cohorts (small accelerator groups of like minded professionals) through a specific phase of the self-publishing process, based on the cohort you've enrolled in.

  • Our accelerator program is designed to help clients achieve quick wins and is not for the faint at heart, We work quickly and efficiently, with quality being our goal.

  • Participants who complete our signature program, the Round-Robin Accelerator, receive a luxurious gift box full of amazing surprises to inspire them on their journey.

  • Throughout the process, we provide guidance for tools, resources, and best practices for a successful self-publication experience.

Who This is For + Why

  • We LOVE working with people who have a story to tell! Not just ANY story, but those whose:

    Test is now their testimony. Whose mess is now their message. Those who have found purpose from their pain. Those who experienced the thing, overcame the thing, and recognize that they were blessed in spite of the thing. People who are better, not bitter as a result of the thing. People who are ready to assist someone else who is depending on them to help encourage, motivate, and inspire them to do the same.

  • We LOVE working with people who have wisdom to impart, expertise to share, and valuable lessons to teach!

    People who are passionate about a certain subject and won’t stop talking about it! People who know their stuff, have mastered a thing, and want to help others do the same, We love working with subject matter experts!

  • We love working with people who have a brand to build.

    People who have established their brands. Who want to grow their platforms. And now, they’re ready for a new business card: a book of their own! People who want to step up, stand out, and perfectly package their messages! People who have a small business and are seeking an incredible way to spread the word about what they have to offer. People who are wanting to establish and grow their platform and community of supporters as they seek to expand their brand by increasing awareness and visibility for it. Professionals who want to elevate their brand and gain additional exposure.

  • Who This is Not For:

    Our goal is to encourage action and accountability. We may not be the best agency for those who are not willing to prioritize their time, positive energy, and efforts into the full scope of their project and see it through from beginning to end.

How It Works:

Indie Author Self-Publishing Accelerators + Cohorts

  • To begin, complete the payment and registration process for the cohort you'd like to enroll in.

  • Receive email communications that include further information such as pre-work and meeting links

  • Complete pre-work in preparation for our weekly sessions

  • Arrive to weekly sessions prepared and ready to jump in, ask questions, and take part in our virtual coworking sessions!

  • Let’s have some fun and get it done!

What You Get:

  • We coach and provide guidance of the writing and self-publishing process in 4 separate phases. Each phase has a 4-week cohort for participants to join. Cohorts meet once weekly for a total of 4 weeks. Each cohort is sold individually.

  • If you happen to enroll in our signature program, the Round-Robin Accelerator, this includes 3 sessions per week for a total of 4 weeks with the goal of expediting the self-publishing process. This option is for serious participants only and requires a major commitment of time, effort, and energies to make the most of this program in particular.

  • Super-simple, easy to digest and implement information that covers the PRODUCTION/WRITING and tightening of your manuscript in preparation for the next phase of the self-publishing process.

  • Business strategy for your upcoming book/author brand, infused with writing and self-publishing coaching

  • Action + accountability prompts to help encourage implementation of all that we teach in the cohort you've enrolled in

  • When in small groups, participants have exclusive access to networking opportunities within our community of like-minded professionals.

  • When in small groups, participants are encouraged to give and receive feedback and peer accountability.

  • Opportunities for personal and professional development based on the plethora of tips and information shared

  • Opportunities to learn a new skill, set and attain a new goal, and feel amazing about it all!

  • Become a member of an elite group of professionals who are Podcasters and Authors! This can possibly (though no results are guaranteed!) open many doors, such as becoming established as an official authority and subject-matter expert in a certain subject area, opportunities and invitations for speaking engagements, expansion of personal and professional brands, and more!

For an upbeat and to-the-point

instructional tour of writing and self-publishing for beginners, you don’t want to miss out on this deal!

Who I Am

+ Why Listen to Me:

  • Self-Published Author with 4 published books/projects and 4 more forthcoming!

  • I totally understand how time-consuming, frustrating, and overwhelming a project of this size can be! I have been there and done that! I have learned so much while on my own journey as an indie author. This is why I am so passionate about helping others have a smooth, easy process on their journey to becoming published authors.

  • An ex-corporate chic (many moons ago, lol) turned entrepreneur of 19+ years, and a consultant for the past 7 years, I have planned, launched, and scaled a number of businesses. Project management is a huge component of the work that I have done and continue to do. With my highly organized, systematic, orderly approach, I help my clients stay on track and get 'er done!

  • I have been the hostess with the mostess of the Life: Unscripted Podcast for 2+ years!

  • My podcast has grown immensely since its launch. I have earned the listenership of a global audience who tune in from places such as: Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Nigeria, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Republic of Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Venezuela, and across the United States! I want to give you tips and tools to grow your audience and platform likewise!

  • I have been a featured speaker, panelist, and workshop facilitator for numerous faith-based, non-profit, local government, small business, and education entities over the years with audiences of all ages, interests, and otherwise.

  • I'm a Mama Bear of both plants and kiddos, Music Lover with 2 Left Feet, Plant-Based Foodie, Random Road Tripper, Self-Proclaimed Outgoing Homebody, The Best Spades Player You’ll Evvvvva Have… and Your Business and Balance Bestie. It’s my personal mission to intentionally pour all the love and light out into this world that I can…. If that’s not enough to let you know the vibe I’m on, then I don’t know what else to tell ya’ lol :) I realize that I am not for EVERYBODY, but I AM for SOMEBODY- and that’s the part I am laser-focused on and go hard in the paint for! My favorite thing to tell you about myself is that I loves me some Jesus!

  • And in other news, I recently launched my first blog and I’m pretty excited about it! (You should check it out if you haven't already done so!)

Podcasting and book writing

are definitely trending and not going away anytime soon!

People are using their podcasts and books as platforms and vehicles to grow their audiences, communities, and brands on a global scale. Whether used as a form of personal hobby, education, entertainment, leisure or for professional purposes, there's no doubt about it and no secret that podcasting and book writing are great ways to go! No longer are people subjected to begging to have a moment on someone else's show- they're being empowered to turn the tables and star in their own!

Investing in yourself, your brand, your story

is more affordable than you may think! In many cases, books can be a revenue generating venture and the "business card" you may need to increase earning potential from other opportunities! Many authors are successful in building their brands by penning books and leveraging them for additional growth.


  • I don't have time to write a book.

    No worries! With a little time management coaching and project management tips that I can share, we can organize and strategize effective ways to get your book cranked out despite your time constraints. Besides, as a published author of multiple titles, I have a few ideas on how to get books written with a breeze! Let me show you how!

  • I'm not a good writer.

    Who says that you have to be a great writer in order to publish a book? There are so many ways to get amazing content out of your head and into a high quality, well-written manuscript! I can show you how- are you ready to get this party started?

  • I wouldn't know where to begin in planning, launching, or marketing a book.

    Don't you worry about a thing! I help my clients take things one systematic, well-planned, organized step at a time and get this thing done! My company is named Organized Energy for a reason! I got you, boo! You are in great hands with me! As an author myself and a small business coach, I have you covered with all that you need to know in order to get that book planned and published! I have systems in place and tips ready to go that can help you achieve the end-goal: publishing that book!

  • I don't have anything to write about.

    There are so many things that you can write a book about and I can help you figure it out and think it through! Think about the wide variety of genres that are out there! One of them has your name on it, friend! If you're grieving, you can write a book about it! If you've overcome an obstacle, you can write a book about it! If you've lost or found love, you can write a book about it! If you are a subject-matter expert in anything at all, a book is waiting to be written by you! If there is something fun, entertaining, or creative that you want to share, put it in a book! Create a coloring book, a journal, a memoir, or something else! Need I say more? Let's get started on your book- I'd love to show you how!

  • I wouldn't know how to market my book.

    Did you even fix your lips to say such a thing? Lol... Not only am I a published author, a seasoned veteran entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience under my belt, a small business consultant, trainer, and more... If there's one thing I know, it's strategy! From figuring life out as a divorced and now single mom of 4 running a household to running multiple businesses... I know how to "make it do what it do", friend! I la-la-love the art of strategically planning, launching, and growing anything... from hair and nails to businesses and books... It's the same transferable skill when you get down to it! Project management and strategy at it's finest and that my friend, is what I eat, sleep, and dream about! It's my happy place and I am excited to put those things into play for you as we work to publish and market your book as well!

  • I get confused with too much information.

    No worries! We'll keep it short, simple, and sweet! I give you the info in detail, summarize at the end, and show you how to put into action the info that I shared.

  • Why invest in this program when I can search online for free how to write a book?

    Yes, most anyone can LAUNCH a book, but it takes a business savvy strategy and intentional effort to treat it and operate it as a business, professional brand, and well-oiled machine. The coaching, accountability, hand-holding, and exclusive insider tips make this program all the more valuable!

  • I don't want to deal with a bunch of complicated info and too many assignments .

    I get it, I get it, I get it- too much can simply be "too much"... That's why the info in this program was designed to be super simple and easy to understand and put into action. Writing is supposed to be fun, stress-free, and offer you a great time while doing it! When you join us in this easy breezy cohort, you'll see what I mean!

  • I don't have anyone to help me treat my book as a brand on an ongoing basis.

    This program will show you how to "make it do what it do" whether you're rolling solo dolo or with a crew! You've got this!

You have something incredible to share!

Something awesome to teach and tell! You are carrying a message that will inspire others! I am ready to help if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get started.